One day I will find the words and they will be simple

You asked me what I wanted but I couldn’t find the words in my mouth. My chest constricts with tension as I fight to hold control, to scared to open up, I stuttered out “I don’t know.” Someday I will be stronger and unafraid to admit that I just want someone to love.

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore”

C. JoyBell C.


"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind." - C. S. Lewis

Hikers Print by MandyCaveWatercolor.

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“I didn’t want to kiss you goodbye — that was the trouble — I wanted to kiss you good night — and there’s a lot of difference.”
— ― Ernest Hemingway
“We ate well and cheaply and drank well and cheaply and slept well and warm together and loved each other.”
— ― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast